Thursday, July 9, 2009

Optimizing your Marketing Automation - Batch Mode and Chained Programs

When looking at your marketing automation programs, they can be run in a few different modes in order to better optimize the speed with which they are processed. We spoke about this earlier in discussions of batch mode and Program Builder optimization. In a real environment, however, you may have a few different programs working together.

For example, in moving contacts from a web form to your CRM system, you may want to ensure they are cleansed and normalized in a contact washing machine, scored, and then updated in your CRM system. Perhaps you have a data quality program such as a contact washing machine, a lead scoring program, and a CRM update program to manage some non-standard approaches you use in your CRM implementation.

These programs generally are run in batch mode in order to ensure that they are processed end-to-end in one run. However, if you have a sequence of a few marketing automation programs which are chained together, the worry is that each program might be processed end-to-end, but then the subsequent program execution may not execute immediately, and may have to wait for the next execution cycle.

This can easily be resolved in Eloqua. When you set a marketing automation program to run in batch mode, you are presented with a screen that shows the order in which the programs are executed. By clicking on any program in this list, you can select the order in which it is executed.

If you have three programs, A, B, and C, which must process your contacts in sequence, use this interface to ensure that these three programs do execute in sequence. Rather than needing to wait for a subsequent cycle, each program is executed, in sequence, within one batch mode cycle, and your contacts are processed through all three programs at once.

This quick update will ensure that your contacts move from your web forms to your CRM system as quickly as possible, while still allowing you to maintain separate, very manageable programs that can work together seamlessly.