Monday, March 22, 2010

Denver Customer Success Tour Recap

(Success tour writeup by Jason Pemberton, Eloqua Customer Success Manager)


Eloqua prides itself on having a vast community of innovative marketers and partners who are proving time again marketing value with their Eloqua instance. In some cases, clients are not able to attend our international user conference Eloqua Experience which brings together our users together to learn and share with great marketers, but also to celebrate marketing excellence with our annual Markie Event . A key point is that our clients never lose sight of community as throughout the world, we offer customer success tours. From a new user, to the more mature Eloqua ‘Maverick’, nothing brings the marketing user community together better than attending a success tour. Nothing beats networking with like-minded marketers in your neighbourhood to share ideas and best practices with!

Recently, I hosted the Denver Success Tour (see Facebook for pictures) which to date was the largest attended event for the area! We are spurred on to succeed by hearing the success of others! At this event we shared not only the successes of two of our clients, but also spent time learning some tips and tricks to turn our clients into reporting ninjas and providing insight into the upcoming product releases.

Some of the items that we highlighted during our event included:

- Product Overview and Success Story from Return Path – As Return Path is both a value added partner and also a client our group was able to take advantage of their deliverability expertise by providing insight into the functionality that was available in Eloqua and also highlighting the importance of our Boost package offering. From a marketing standpoint, Return Path blew us away with their ‘Wizardry’ program, demonstrating to the group that they were effectively using landing pages, forms, and a detailed integration with CRM to pass qualified leads to sales in a unique fashion!

- Use of Eloqua at Vaisala – A very compelling story of a client who has learned everything from our self help options! Vaisala has been able to implement multiple lead nurturing programs, create a contact washing machine, set up sales notifications and reports while looking ahead to developing their lead scoring program – ALL OF THIS IN HOUSE! Vaisala credits their CSM and Customer Central for their successes thus far! When asked – how much of your time does Eloqua take the client responded – “about 15% of my time!” This session spurred great discussion from the group! Everyone wants to be a Vaisala!

- Become a Reporting Ninja – Discussing a handful of reports that were accessible within Eloqua. It was great to see that some clients were currently using these reports, but to take it a step further, many discussed their favourite report, or began to get into discussions on how they could find their most wanted report.

- Product Roadmap and Demo – By the far the most exciting moment I have had as an Eloquan thus far! Out of the 34 in attendance, only 2 had seen the demo at EE09. Needless to say, the random outbreaks of applauds and hugs were enough to inform the Eloquans in the room that we were on the right track.

A great event was followed by drinks and laughs as we enjoyed the opportunity to speak and network with both the partners and clients that were present! To those in the Denver area, thank you for an amazing event and we look forward to our next visit in September. For those who have not taken advantage of this great experience, please visit to see when we’ll be coming to your city!