Friday, March 5, 2010

Report Highlight: Easily Slice & Dice Data from Your Multi-Touch Email Campaigns

(guest post from Amber Stevens)

Eloqua Report: Email Group Overview Grouped by Contact Field

My colleague, Mike MacFarlane (@eloquamike), is always showing me cool new ways to use the Eloqua application. This past week we were chatting about the performance of a new three part nurturing program that automatically “welcomes” net new names in our marketing database. I was curious about the best way to see how different segments or like contacts were converting in the program. Mike mentioned a report called “Email Group Overview Grouped by Contact Field” – it’s a mouth-full, I know, but I was quickly impressed with the little nuggets it yielded.

Even if you don’t have an automated lead nurturing program yet (here’s a nurture program idea to get you started), you can use this report to group similar contacts and evaluate their response against any group of emails. Some questions you might answer with this report would be – How many CTO’s (or any other job title) clicked through last week’s webinar invite and corresponding follow up? What sales reps by territory are getting the most inquiries? How are my best targets or highest scored leads engaging with a series of emails? Etc (just make sure that your emails are saved as a group).

To test out the report, navigate to Evaluate -> Reporting -> Report Console. Search for the report “Email Group Overview Grouped by Contact Field”.

Choose your report parameters and group by any contact field value that you track like job title, revenue, state, account owner/sales rep, etc. I was specifically interested in the click through rates sorted by prospects co-dynamic lead scores.

Run the report, and check out the results. I learned that in the last week, our “welcome” lead nurture program achieved a 25% click through rate within our best prospect group (A1 lead rank). This was great insight and confirms that the content is working to engage our community of marketers.

I also grouped by Normalized Job Title and discovered that few titles that we may wish to remove from this program due to poor click through conversions, or adjust the content to better relate to these contacts.

Try it this report and share any interesting data points you find by posting a comment below.


Tom said...

Where have you been all my life?

Rob said...

This also is very useful for companies who use a Region Geography field, and stamp their contacts with a regional field, e.g. EMEA, APAC, NORAM.

Alternatively, you can run it against your Country field and see if there are regional differences to your global campaigns.

Amber Stevens said...

Rob - great tip, thank you for the comment.

Are there any other reports folks have found helpful or questions you have about specific reports that I can dig into?