Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Email Analysis By Region - Batch Overview by Group

If you are running a marketing operation that is larger than one region, you'll likely want to be able to split your analysis by region. Even very useful reports such as the email batch overview report become too busy to be useful with a large marketing group sending many batches per day.

Many of these high level reports can be broken down by region in one or more ways.

One of the easiest ways to break down the "email batch overview" report, for example is to use the "email batch overview by security group" report instead. This presents the same information, but is done based on the security group of the sending person.

If you have existing groups of marketers that suit your purposes, you can use them, or if not, you can create these groups.

Defining groups based on "marketers in France" vs "marketers in Germany" allows you to split your reporting along geographic lines, while defining groups based on "marketers targeting SMB" vs "marketers targeting Enterprise" allows you to split your reporting based on market focus.

Once you have selected your group, you can run the report and see the email batch overview based on that group of marketers. This report can be added to a custom dashboard or an email update as you require.


Chad H said...

I like this suggestion Steve.
You can also use this feature to seperate emails sent from program builder from emails sent manually. For smaller marketing teams, you can create a new security group and add the marketers to that group.