Monday, March 30, 2009

Showing Area of Web Activity in your CRM System

Recently we talked about pulling web profile information into your Contact record within Eloqua, and how that can be a very powerful technique that is useful for many things. One way that can be used is to bring deep insight into the area on your website that prospects are interested in, and present it - in a summarized form - to your sales team in, Oracle on Demand, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In this example, we'll look at presenting to the sales team the number of views, percentage of views, and favourite offer viewed out of a set of 5 offers. The offers are presented on the web, and we will associate the 3 or 4 pages that reflect each offer so that each contact is updated with the pages viewed across all relevant pages.

To do this, first create Contact fields within Eloqua and in your CRM system, and ensure that they are mapped in the integration area. For each offer, we'll create an "Offer A Pages Viewed", and a "Offer A Percentage of Views" field, and then one field for "Primary Area of Interest".

In the content tagging area, create a Content Tag for Offers, and a Tag Value for each Offer. In the Profile setup area, create a Profile Field for "Number of Times" and "Frequency of Selection" for each of your offers. Also create a "Most Frequently Selected Choice" to reflect the favourite offer.

As we'll be updating directly from the Contact record in Eloqua to the Contact record in your CRM system, use the technique we talked about last week to pass data directly from the Visitor Profile to the Contact. With that as a feeder to your Program, simply pass those Contacts into your CRM update program and the data will appear in their record in your CRM system.

Your sales team is able to quickly see what their favourite offer is with one glance. This technique can be used equally well to show sales a product of interest, buyer role, or likely industry.