Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take the Eloqua Challenge

I wrote last week about a fun use of Eloqua by the folks at Accela, who had used the platform for internal employee engagement. It turns out that our own Chad Horenfeldt had put together a similar (although much smaller) quiz called the Eloqua Challenge.

Click here to take the Eloqua Challenge

You may have seen it (or taken it) if you're part of the Eloqua LinkedIn Group, but if not, have a look at it. It's 6 quick questions to see how much you know about Eloqua.

Once you have taken the challenge, you'll be taken to a PURL page that shows you what you got right and wrong, and some additional interesting info about that area.

The Eloqua Challenge is all built using form processing, Hypersites, PURLs, and Activity Driven Content. If you're interested in some of the behind-the-scenes details of how it's built, let me know and perhaps a later post can dig into that.


Leigh Anne Wallace said...

I tried to take the quiz in Firefox and got an error message :(.

Wade Tibke, Tableau Software said...

Why didn't you prepopulate the form? :) A free coffee would compel me more than not having to type my info.

Steven Woods said...

Wade, you're killing me :)

The original one put together by Chad was pre-populated, but that was launched from an email. I didn't have a chance to redo the pre-population to pull from a web data lookup, but you're right, would have been better.

Next time :)

Leigh Anne, I hear you and Chad were able to identify the issue with a plug-in. Apologies for that.