Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Activity Filters With Increased Granularity

With the upcoming release on June 14th, there is now the ability to define an activity based filter that looks at very granular information, such as opens from a particular email, email group, or campaign. This level of granularity extends across all the different criteria that are possible within Activity-Based Filters.

This is a powerful capability, as it allows you to define filters that look very precisely at a person's activity. This can be used for many marketing options. For example:

  • To discover a list of people who had clicked through any email from the Newsletter series within the last 3 months, for targeting with a special offer

  • To define a lead scoring system that gives 5 points for a Newsletter email clickthrough, but 10 points for a Case Study email clickthrough

  • To sub-segment a Contact Group to remove people who had already visited a Hypersite or submitted a specific form

These filters can be used from all areas of the application; in designing feeders to add contacts to Programs, in decision rules within Programs, when manipulating Contact Groups to define a report, or when defining a Distribution List for a marketing effort.

Be sure to experiment with the new granularity on Activity-Based Filters, as many rules can now be expressed with the ability to look at activity at the level of individual forms, emails, or Hypersites.


hilby said...

I was hoping for more granularity so I could filter by contacts that submitted a certain form.

Steven Woods said...

not sure on whether your comment means you don't think it currently can filter to an individual form... it can definitely do that.

Set the "Included In" option to "Individual Form".

Hope that clarifies,