Monday, February 1, 2010

Eloqua Customer Success Tour - Q1 2010

Great news, the schedule for Eloqua customer success tour (formerly known as user groups) is now out!

The best way to improve your own marketing automation skills is to mingle with others who are at the top of their field. Eloqua customer success tour events give you the best possible forum for this, allowing you to exchange ideas, share tips, learn from case studies, and network with peers.

There is a full schedule of user groups this quarter, each offering a small group environment (usually 30-50 people) that is perfect for interaction and networking. Most of the attendees will work within the same city, making the connections even more valuable, as you can continue to exchange ideas with your peers long after the user group finishes.

Here's the schedule for the Eloqua customer success tour over the next few months:

Date LocationPictures
February 9th SeattlePics from last time
February 9th AustinPics from last time

February 18th San FranciscoPics from last time
Feb 25th BostonPics from last time
March 4th Washington, DC
March 9th New York
March 10th Denver
March 23rd AtlantaPics from last time
April 27th DallasPics from last time
April 29th Minneapolis

Please go to the Eloqua Customer Success Tour site to register.


Heather said...

Hey Steve - great info, thanks!
I wanted to help spread the word that we have many other great Customer Success Tours coming up as well (formerly "user groups"). The full list of cities and all 2010 dates are on


Kimberly R. said...

Hey Steve,

Any interest in starting a user group in Orlando, FL?


Steven Woods said...

no immediate plans for Orlando, but it is definitely one of the cities we have on our radar for future expansion of the tour. Thanks for putting in the vote!