Thursday, February 11, 2010

Five in 5: Web Visitor Profiling

The second of our Five in 5 series covers tips that you can use to get better insights out of your website visitors. From social media tracking, to real-time alerts and visualizing activity data, this set of tips will give you a good sense of what you can do to capture and provide more insights into online activity.

Each of the tips leads back to a more detailed overview of how to go about doing what is described.

Either click on the links in the Brainshark presentation, or download the Five in 5 Website Profiling PowerPoint to view the more detailed descriptions of the tips that are highlighted.

I hope you get a few good ideas out of this one:

(if this does not load, the original Five in 5 Website Profiling presentation is here)

Also, feel free to look at other presentations in the Five in 5 series:
Reporting Fundamentals: Accessing Data for Insight

The topics covered on Eloqua Artisan are both for you, as users, and from you. Please keep the ideas coming.


Margaret Brown said...

looks good but does it require that the entire Sales team have access to Eloqua for the CRM functions?

Steven Woods said...

Prospect Profiler is a small additional piece, but most of the other reporting/alerting functions, and any data native in SFDC doesn't require full Eloqua licenses for each person.