Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick win - what's going on in my database

Okay, I'm cheating already. Our own Chad Horenfeldt ( ) created some great videos that show you how to put together an Eloqua dashboard with key metrics on your database. Contact growth, email frequency, most popular lead sources, titles of leads that have been ranked as A leads, etc.

I'm all for unique and original content, but when I happen across a 20 minute video that hits on a topic I was about to blog about, I'll just borrow it.

This video shows you a few things; how to use standard system dashboards, or dashboards on each individual asset (emails, groups, filters, forms, etc) to quickly get a view into marketing performance. It also shows you how to put together your own custom view of what you care about into your own custom dashboard.

See the video here:

If you've built an interesting dashboard showing your marketing operations results, I'd love to hear about it.