Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reading and Responding to Web Interest

On the topic of personalization, one of the most effective ways to understand what type of message a prospect is most interested in is to use their web activity to identify the topic of interest, and then use that to trigger a communication.

I'm going to again borrow from our own Chad Horenfeldt, who blogs at Anything Goes Marketing, and share one of his videos that walks through creating this process here: .

The idea is simple, and has three main areas. First, identify an area of your website that you want to "watch", perhaps it's product specifications, or customer case studies. Some of our real estate clients have even used this for monitoring specific floor plans in individual building projects.

Second, identify the visitors to those pages, with a specific level of interest you're looking for. Maybe you want to identify people who looked at more than 3 case studies, for example.

Third, define what you want to communicate to them when they show interest in the way you've identified. Perhaps this is a special offer, or a push to attend a very topical webinar. You can easily feed the invididuals who meet your defined criteria into a program that communicates the right message to them, at the right time.

Chad goes through the process for building this in Eloqua in detail in this video:

Enjoy, and I look forward to your feedback and comments.