Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Using Voice to Drive Event Attendance

We've all experienced a similar challenge if we've used webinars, seminars, or other events in our marketing. We put great effort into promoting the event, and driving registrations, but on the day of, a significant percentage of registrants fail to show up.

There are many reasons for this, and I talked a bit about using calendar files (ics) to simplify the reminder process by allowing registrants to add the event into their calendars here:

Another way to assist in ensuring that the maximum number of registrants attend is to keep the level of interest in the webinar or event high by having the speaker leave a message for registrants reminding them of the upcoming event and giving them a few key points that they can expect to get out of the event.

Nothing is more important in creating a successful event than having content that the participants are interested in, and a compelling keynote speaker or webinar presenter is often the most significant factor. If you have selected a good speaker, the message from them will help your attendance rates.

From the Call On Demand area, select Create Phone Message, and select Recorded Voice as a type. This will walk you through a quick wizard that will let you set up the message. You won't need any specialized recording devices, as your message can be recorded over the phone if you don't have a sound file to upload.

Select the option to make the recording now, and type in your phone number. When you click Start Recording, you will receive a call that will allow you to record you message. Follow the simple instructions on that call, and your voice content is created.

Using the voice content is also simple. You can, from the Call On Demand area, send a voice message in a similar manner to how you would send an email. Or, if you would like to tie the message in as part of a program, you can add it in Program Builder. Add a step of type "Call on Demand: Phone Message" and select your voice recording to have the voice call automatically triggered.

By using Program Builder to automate the voice call, you can have the voice content automatically delivered an hour or two in advance of the webinar, or the day before the event, for maximum effect.


Sandy Lang said...

This is a great tool and we use it regularly for our events. We have an event coming up in Hong Kong - how does this work for international contacts? Is the process or cost any different?