Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inside Scoop: Prospect Profiler

I had a quick look at one of the upcoming products that the Eloqua development team is working on and it's definitely worth sharing. For anyone who has wrestled with getting sales on board, and having them understand how you are helping in their sales processes, and why they should care about lead scoring, this product will be of interest.

It's called "Prospect Profiler", and it will likely be available in beta just after the Feb 22nd release. Prospect Profiler takes the digital body language of each prospect and makes it even more digestible for each sales professional.

The team used Flex to create a graphically rich and highly interactive way to view the marketing (outbound) and response (inbound) activity of each prospect, including all the details of each email, form, and web visit.

It snaps into CRM systems such as Oracle's Siebel on Demand and, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM coming very soon.

It's only in beta right now, with limited availability, so let your customer success manager know if it's of interest to you and your sales team, and we can get you on the list. I look forward to your comments on whether this is helping you build and deepen your relationships with your sales team.


Anonymous said...

Looks very promising. Definately interested!!

Felix Sim (FARO) said...

Eloqua's CEO shared this with us in the first Eloqua User group held in Singapore early this year. I am waiting for the final release and can't wait to try it out and announce to our Sales and Marketing team. If it is in Beta now, how can we try it out and snap it in

Steven Woods said...

Great to hear, I'll make sure your team in Singapore gets in touch with you about it.

Chris Richardson (Informa) said...

This looks like a great tool for Sales. It's tough in this new world of "Digital Body Language" to really drill into what a customer or prospect is looking at online without overpowering a sales rep with information.