Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wait Steps in Program Builder

As we have continued to make it easier to build nurturing and marketing programs in Eloqua, some smaller simplifications have made their way out into production without much fanfare. I'll try to use this blog to mention a number of the small simplifications that you might not have noticed, as they can often greatly simplify how you might have been used to doing a task.

One such capability is the ability to define a “Wait” step that pauses the members of your program for a specified period of time. This is very useful for simple nurturing programs such as a 30/60/90 day welcome program, or for invitations where you might wish to wait a week after an initial invite and then send a reminder invitation to those who did not respond.

Although it has always been possible to build in a time delay with a delay in the evaluation of a Decision Rule, using a Program Step to do so simplifies the layout and readability of your Programs. It is also a simpler and more intuitive way of adding a delay.

To create a Wait step, add a new step to your program as you normally would. For the action, select “Add Wait Step” from the list of options. Your configuration options are quite simple, you select the unit of time (days, weeks, months), and how long of a delay you would like.

As contacts move into the wait step, they will each be delayed by the amount of time you specify, based on when they each individually entered the step. When a program is active, you can easily see who is in the step, and when they entered using the normal Program Step options.

This small enhancement will make it easier to build your nurturing and marketing programs, and easier to read and understand them when they are built. I look forward to your comments on this feature or how you think it can be enhanced further.


Anonymous said...

Is this being released as part of the Winter release?

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this released as part of the winter release? Am I missing something?

Steven Woods said...

My apologies, this (and the single track Program) did not end up making it out for the Winter release. Apologies for that. We'll have a new release date soon.

Anonymous said...

This is also listed as being available in the Program Builder actions from within Eloqua. You probably want to remove that.

Glitch said...

This new functionality leads me to hope that subscription management - basically putting a lead back into the marketing loop when their subscription (to a saleable service) is about to expire will be available in Eloqua.