Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Tip: Cleaning Up Your Contact Activity Overview

The Contact Activity Overview is a great spot to see exactly what has been happening with a particular Contact in Eloqua and get a good understanding of what they are interested in and what they are responding to - their Digital Body Language. It is also a great overview to share with your sales team as it can give them unique insights into prospect motivations and interests.

Unfortunately, it can also get cluttered with some records, such as Entry and Exit from Programs if you are doing anything like lead scoring or some forms of nurture marketing where Contacts are regularly brought into and out of Programs.

This can be easily fixed with a single check-box.

In the Program Details page for any Program that is cluttering your Contact Activity Overview, you can select the "Hide Program Entry..." option, and the Program Entry/Exit records will disappear. If you ever need to see them again, for analysis or debugging purposes, just uncheck the box and they will show up again (including all historical records).

Sales adoption of the insights you can provide them into their Contacts is often dependant on how simple and smooth the experience is. If you are showing them a Contact Activity Overview that is cluttered with extra data, they are much less likely to use it.


Carmen said...

I'm so glad I ran across this. You're absolutely right on this one. My Sales team only wants to see what is pertinent and if there is too much 'noise', they can't listen to what is important. Thank you.

Steven Woods said...

glad it helped. If you want something that will grab the excitement of your sales team, also be sure to check out (ask your CSM) the beta of Prospect Profiler -