Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Email Content and Sales Enablement - Quick Tip on Security

The recent posts around sales enablement have generated a lot of discussions. One specific topic was the Eloqua for Microsoft Outlook plugin (aka. ELMO to many), that allows you to provide marketing content for sales. The content can easily be controlled at the folder level, so specific folders can be enabled for sales, while other folders are not provided to sales.

However, the discussion surfaced an interesting challenge. If you are keeping your marketing content organized through foldering, based on topics or initiatives, then it may not make sense to use the folders to split content into that which is accessible by sales and that which is not. Luckily, there is an easier solution to this.

Within any folder of emails that is available to sales, you can select whether the content should be kept private from users of MS Outlook (except for the email's creator of course). Under advanced options, just click the checkbox for "Private in MS Outlook" and that email will not be accessible by sales. You can keep a folder-based organization scheme in place, while still maintaining full control over which emails are accessible to sales.