Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pedowitz Group Ties in Twitter Activity to Marketing Automation

As B2B marketers, many of us are exploring social media. It is easy to understand the basics, but when it comes to integrating social media into other aspects of demand generation and marketing automation, it can be difficult to understand how to begin.

A few weeks back, Mike McFarlane highlighted a way to set up a social media GPS to get CRM visibility into social media activity that refers people to your web properties. This, however, was focused on the "periphery" that is the link between most B2B marketer's web properties and social media.

Now, Pedowitz Group takes this one step further by using their Sweet platform to capture general conversation about you, your products and your brand in Twitter, irrespective of whether this conversation resulted in a visit to your site.

This type of social media engagement can be highly relevant in determining who is a qualified lead when you build a lead scoring system, and who is already actively engaged when you think through your lead nurturing plan.

Essentially, what the Pedowitz Group's Sweet platform does is to capture Twitter activity based on a keyword. The keyword should be your brand name or a product name - something specific enough that it can be definitively identified as a conversation about you. This social media engagement is then captured and passed into Eloqua as a web form submit.

The information in the web form submit includes the keyword, the individual's Twitter ID, and the content of the Tweet that was captured. Within Eloqua, from here, you can do anythign with the web form submit that you would like. One thing that may be of use is to record the Twitter activities within custom data objects so that they can be filtered against for lead scoring or segmentation purposes.

Capturing a link between a person's contact information and their Twitter ID is necessary for some of the filtering to be possible, and there are a variety of techniques that can be used to make sure you capture that link. We'll discuss those in a later post.

Social media activity is highly interesting in its ability to determine a prospect's level of engagement. The Pedowitz Group's Sweet platform provides a great way to incorporate this level of engagement within Eloqua, so it can be used for all your marketing automation purposes.